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The Sugarlumps revive the music of the 1920's, 30's and 40's speakeasy culture. Their shows are filled with cheeky humor and their songs tell stories of love and loss, lust and heartache, murder and redemption and of course, drinkin' and cheatin'.

The Sugarlumps are sometimes sweet and sometimes naughty but they are always delightfully quirky and danceable. They play a blend of gypsy jazz, rural country blues, ragtime and swing. Some of their main influences are Bessie Smith, Memphis Minnie, Fats Waller, Lightnin' Hopkins and The Mississippi Sheiks. Their music reflects the tastes of prohibition era Americans who frequented Speakeasys to quench their thirsts and do what they pleased.

The Sugarlumps perform throughout the Finger Lakes region of New York and beyond. You may have seen them in Geneva at The Speakeasy Society Soiree or in Rochester at The Montage or maybe you caught them in Ithaca at LOT 10 or The Haunt or possibly, you heard their live 2 hour show on WRFI. You never know where they might appear and they are certainly not to be missed so get on their mailing list or like them on facebook.

* A note on tuning* Originally, standard music tuning was the natural tuning of 432 Hz. Hz (Hertz) is a unit of measurement and refers to the frequency of a sound. Over time, music has slowly been "tuning up" to 440 Hz, which is what today's music is in. All keys have remained the same but in the new, "modern" tuning they are actually now a little less than a quarter step higher. This is one of the reasons that music recorded prior to the 1940's has a certain quality to it. The Sugarlumps retain an authentic between the wars sound by always playing in the original, natural tuning of 432 Hz.

Beatrice Pearl


Esther Brooke

Ms. Esther Brooke was raised deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania on cattails and moonshine.  She channels the music of the rural American hills and hollers in an honest and unapologetic way. Ms. Brooke's small stature belies her raw strength as a blues singer and she is also known to sing a jazz ballad so beautifully you could fall in love on the spot, so beware.

Bryan Flood


Bryan J. Flood

An Irish Armenian gypsy who has pursued the guitar from the classical halls of Bach to the hot club of Django.  He can sometimes be found at the loneliest crossroads at midnight, seeking to give the devil guitar lessons....

The Sugar Lumps

The Sugarlumps dive deep into American musical history during the time that it was taking form. Their songs are a diverse mix of blues, rural country blues, jazz and ragtime from the 1920's through the 1940's.  Read More »

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